Self Acupuncture for Migraines and Agonizing Headaches


While the etiology for migraines is unknown, self acupuncture for migraines it really is speculated that they are caused by a vulnerable central nervous system that is certainly highly sensitive to alterations in one’s internal or external environment. This increased sensitivity is owned by serotonin metabolic process vasodilatation with the veins surrounding the skull.

Decreased levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) are linked to the onset of a migraine; this affects the brain’s processing system and triggers the production of chemicals that can cause painful inflammation and activate the sympathetic nerves (the fight or flight response). Incidentally, people that experience chronic migraines in addition have a tendency to experience depression and anxiety.

In Chinese medicine, migraines are considered a condition of the liver. The liver in accordance with Chinese Acupuncture dictates the flow of energy through the body which is closely associated with the nervous system, hormone regulation, and hypertension. It is also the organ that is certainly most suffering from both external and internal stress.
Research indicates that acupuncture is an effective and safe modality in treating migraines. Acupuncture uses the insertion of tiny needles in specific points to modify the Liver and correct the body’s dysfunction.

Migraines are miserable – ask anyone who suffers from them! They can be absolutely debilitating and have a profound effect on one’s standard of living. Symptoms ranges from mild to severe, lasting an hour or so to a few days. People often describe this like a “pounding” or “throbbing” sensation which takes residence in a side from the head.
For some, migraines can be so severe they produce accessory symptoms such as feeling sick, sensitivity to external stimuli (light, noise, or scent), blurred vision and extreme fatigue.

Western medicine treats migraines with anti-inflammatory drugs (for example ibuprofen and naproxen), barbiturates, caffeine, and anti-depressants. A combination of these medications may be used in treating migraine symptoms that are especially severe.
All of these medications do nothing to take care of the main cause from the pathology and sometimes bring about other problems. All medications are synthetic and therefore put force on the liver and lymphatic system. Barbiturates are habit-forming and cause drowsiness. SSRIs can lower libido and affect one’s sex-life.

As our bodies actually starts to function better, migraine intensity and frequency are reduced drastically.
Acupuncture works better than medication in cutting the severity and frequency of chronic headaches, as outlined by a current analysis conducted by Duke University Medical Center researchers.
While everyone experiences a good intermittent headache, one in six Americans, 20 million of whom are women, have problems with migraines and chronic headaches. While medication diagram remains the mainstay of treatment, it maintains varying degrees of success. Today, self acupuncture for migraines is starting to become less the exception and much more the norm.

Diet and lifestyle also play a huge role inside a person’s inclination towards headaches. Whether it really is food sensitivities or stress-reduction, at Source acupuncture Center I partner with my clients to look for the best course of action for stress-headaches and migraine relief. Acupuncture needles will release the endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), but you’re in charge of how we manage diet and lifestyle choices.

In 17 studies comparing acupuncture to medication, the researchers discovered that 62 point point percent with the acupuncture patients reported headache relief in comparison to only 45 percent of individuals taking medication.

Tong Joo (T.J.) Gan, MD, the Duke anesthesiologist who lead the study, in addition has conducted research to determine the effect of acupuncture on post-operative pain, nausea and vomiting. His studies have found pointout that acupuncture can significantly reduce pain as well as the requirement of pain medications following surgery. He also found that acupuncture is often as effective as medication in cutting that nausea and vomiting that can follow a surgical procedure.

This analysis reinforces that, when controling a professional acupuncturist, self acupuncture for migraines relief is eminently possible. The over-all increase in well-being points to the fact that, in working with an authorized migraine specialist, you can energetically get a body “back on track.” The stress of every day life can wreak damage to one’s body overall; for a lot of this manifests as headaches or pain elsewhere in your body. Acupuncture can energetically help right an upset system.